Fixes for Campfire Cooking – Layton Hawkes Blackscreen, Error, Won’t Start, Random Crash

Here are the best ways to fix Campfire Cooking – Layton Hawkes blackscreen, error, freezing, and lag. To repair Campfire Cooking – Layton Hawkes not working on Windows, Mac, Apple, or Samsung, make sure to check all the links provided below.

Fix Campfire Cooking – Layton Hawkes Crashes, Lag, Error

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Campfire Cooking – Layton Hawkes Lag Fixes

Layton Hawkes - Campfire Cooking  artwork Campfire Cooking
Layton Hawkes
Genre: Games
Price: $ 3.99
Release Date: October 18, 2017

Campfire Cooking is a puzzle game about relaxing moments in nature, as you prepare meals over a warm fire. Discover the joy of cooking on a stick and test your problem-solving skills with some challenging campfire puzzles! The latest creation from Layton Hawkes is guaranteed to make you feel clever, hungry and eager to book your next woodland escape.

– Over 100 meals to prepare.
Solve tricky puzzles with one simple goal; prepare the all the food. But don't be fooled: these puzzles are no walk in the park, and some of them are a hike up the mountain!

– Meet the family.
Follow a vacation like no other and listen to the campers as they tell stories, laugh at each other’s jokes or moan about the lack of cell phone reception.

– Puzzle solving, with a twist.
Twist, rotate and jostle skewers around the fire until each meal is ready to eat. Push fondue pots, play with magnets or maybe just use a camping stove if the fire won't light.

– Visit exotic hiking trails.
Each trail brings you new vistas brimming with color and different foods to cook. Take a journey from the deep woodlands to snow-capped peaks, and everywhere in between.

© © 2017 Layton Hawkes

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