Fixes for MyScript Nebo – MyScript Lags, Freezes, Crashes

Here are the best ways to fix MyScript Nebo – MyScript blackscreen, error, freezing, and lag. To troubleshoot MyScript Nebo – MyScript not working on Windows, Mac, Apple, or Samsung, make sure to check all the links provided below.

Fix MyScript Nebo – MyScript Blackscreen,
Crash, Freeze, Error

For official fixes, please click below:

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MyScript Nebo – MyScript Blackscreen Fixes

MyScript - MyScript Nebo  artwork MyScript Nebo
Genre: Productivity
Price: $ 2.99
Release Date: August 9, 2016

** Best App 2017 CES Mobile Apps Showdown **
** App Store Best of 2016**
** Featured by Apple as "Perfect with Apple Pencil" **
** Apple World Today Pick of 2016: Rating (5 out of 5 Stars) **

Created for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Nebo® is the best way to take notes. Created for iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, and powered by MyScript Interactive Ink. Handwrite, draw, edit and format your notes quickly. Instantly convert and transport them as digital documents.

Structure your notes using titles, paragraphs, and bullet lists. Add interactive diagrams, editable equations, freeform sketches, and annotate pictures. Finally convert your captured ink to a digital typeset document on demand. Nebo documents can be shared as text. Powered by MyScript Interactive Ink – Work better with your Apple Pencil!

Edit and format with your Apple Pencil – Interactive Ink allows you to write, insert or remove content and space, decorate and apply styles, using only your Apple Pencil.

Add rich content – draw interactive diagrams with elements that you can edit, delete and move around. Write editable equations; get calculated results or conversion to LaTeX. Draw freeform sketches, and annotate pictures.

Export as text, PDF, HTML or Word – from plain text export to fully formatted Microsoft Word documents (.docx), you decide where to take your writing next.

Smart layout – canvas is unlimited, blocks are resizable and ink will adjust to new size and device orientation.

Search – search and find handwritten ink and text in your note, including in your diagrams.

Store and sync your notes – organize your notes in pages, notebooks and folders. Sync your notes to Dropbox. Export or import your notebooks.
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