Fixing GyroSphere Trials – Pronetis Crash, Fix, Error

Here are the best ways to fix GyroSphere Trials – Pronetis blackscreen, error, freezing, and lag. To repair GyroSphere Trials – Pronetis not working on Windows, Mac, Apple, or Samsung, make sure to check all the links provided below.

Fix GyroSphere Trials – Pronetis Crashes, Lag, Error

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GyroSphere Trials – Pronetis Blackscreen Fixes

Pronetis - GyroSphere Trials  artwork GyroSphere Trials
Genre: Games
Release Date: December 9, 2015

Join the fun and test your ability to master the GyroSphere! Go break your own records and tell your friends about it!
It’s a fast-paced race through endless, unpredictable obstacles and time is running out! Roll, spin, jump, but don’t fall and lose lives! It’s a challenging course in an abstract world, but with uncompromising physics!
You will easily learn to control the GyroSpere, but can you master it? Time is of the essence! Only speed and focus will help you unlock more arenas with new challenges ahead! Keep trying to be better and beat your own times! Work your way up!

– Easy, one finger swipe ball control
– Super-realistic physics based tracks
– Earn points to unlock new arenas
– Wildcards let you play a level without losing spheres / lives
– Sharing options
– ers in-app purchases to buy more spheres and free play cards.

Our fans say it better, here's one of our favorite reviews so far:

Wipe that look off your face by Nordicblood
"Hey you! Yes. You. The one staring at these words with that weird look of confusion and amusement. Stop. You look stupid. This game starts easy, and you'll think you have it in the bag, then whammy, you're ported to a world of hair tearing frustration. Stop. Wipe that arrogant look of confidence off your face. You wit succeed. No one escapes the Gyrosphere. No one. I mean, if you feel like you can get over the difficult controls and fling your ball over the abyss below and land on a little platform with a little circular target on it that, depending on your speed and trajectory, will launch you to another platform of equally frustrating obstacles. See. That's the face I'm looking for, curious and determined. Give it a go, you may like it. I do. I haven't yet reached the end of all of the paths. I've sacrificed life and limb for the 'sphere. Welcome to it kid."

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