Fixing Stage Fright – Nerd Communications Blackscreen, Freeze, Error

In this article we’ll fix Stage Fright – Nerd Communications blackscreen, error, freezing, and lag. To fix Stage Fright – Nerd Communications not working on Windows, Mac, Apple, or Samsung, make sure to check all the links provided below.

Fixing Stage Fright – Nerd Communications Crash, Error, Freeze

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Stage Fright – Nerd Communications Crash Fixes

Nerd Communications - Stage Fright  artwork Stage Fright
Nerd Communications
Genre: Education
Price: $ 0.99
Release Date: October 11, 2017

Welcome to the show where each monster performs its own song! Which one is your favorite? Did you like the performance? Be the jury, play with the fun stage elements, and sing along with great songs about being yourself and always looking on the bright side. The music of Stage Fright combines optimistic, educational elements with the power of awesome, catchy pop songs. Stage Fright is presented by the handsome host Bluno and suitable for children and adults of all ages. After each performance you get to decide whether you liked the song or not, but there are no losers at Stage Fright: the monsters deal with criticism with a smile and always see the bright side. Each monster is different and has its own funny way to sing about what it’s like to be tall, hungry, colorful, and many other things. If you can’t get enough of the Stage Fright songs, you can buy the whole album with full versions of each hit on iTunes.

When you buy the app the first three monsters are already included. The other monsters can be unlocked via in-app purchase.

• Monster singing competition game for kids aged 2 to 6
• Each monster has its own stage with unique stories and fun tap actions
• All monsters exclusively designed for the app
• Includes brand new, entertaining songs for children and adults
• High quality songwriting and production
• Encourages children because every monster who steps on stage is a winner
• Great educational value through positive and thoughtful lyrics about being yourself

© © 2017 Nerd Communications GmbH

Did the above tips fix Stage Fright – Nerd Communications crash and errors? If you know of other tips to fix Stage Fright – Nerd Communications errors please comment below. If you keep getting Stage Fright – Nerd Communications errors, also let us know below so we can help.

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