Reparing My Town : Haunted House – My Town Games LTD Blackscreen, Error, Won’t Start, Random Crash

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Fix My Town : Haunted House – My Town Games LTD Crash, Error, Freeze

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My Town : Haunted House – My Town Games LTD Blackscreen Fixes

My Town Games LTD - My Town : Haunted House  artwork My Town : Haunted House
My Town Games LTD
Genre: Games
Price: $ 2.99
Release Date: June 7, 2017

It’s a regular house when the lights are on, but when you switch them off it becomes a Haunted house packed with new characters to play with, rooms to discover and adventures to explore.
Plunge in to a bath with a friendly skeleton. We dare you to sleep in the masters bed room and discover the secret passage to the attic where our friendly witch is hiding.

We have started connecting all our games! My Town : Haunted house is connected to My Town : Museum. This means you can move character between both games. So if you want a knight to come and fight the witch, you can do that if you have both games.

Our games are the digital version of the classic dollhouse game. Your Imagination & Creativity are the only boundaries our games have. Stress free, No winning or loosing, just endless fun and hours of game play.
Our games can be played alone or with friends and parents together since multi touch is supported.

My Town’s huge haunted house has plenty of rooms to play in and explore. With the flick of the switch all the rooms change turning the mansion in to a haunted mansion. Discover the creatures hiding under your bed, inside the wall and in the shower. Imagine an adventure to save the witches daughter from the haunted attic and more…

1. NEW – This game shares characters with My Town : Museum. This means both games are connected and you can play with any character.
2. NEW – Save mode, Game saves even when shuts down so you can always continue your last adventure!
3. NEW – Multi touch function, Play together with friends and family on a single tablet
4. Each house comes with 6 rooms and lots of props, foods and costumes.
5. Play along with My Town family and 5 new characters !
6. No ads, improved UI, life time of free updates

This game has a haunted theme, nothing too scary but we recommend this game for 6 years old and above. Older kids can play alone while younger kids can play with parents. No ads or in app purchases, amazingly long play ability for hours of fun.

Keep sending us cool ideas and theme’s you want us to create next. My Town dollhouse theme was requested by you guys and it only took 5 month to create. So keep the ideas coming on our Facebook page, tweeter or web site. Make sure to review our games. we promise to read each and every posting, review or comment.

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