Reparing Tile – Find lost keys & phone – Tile, Inc. Blackscreen, Error, Won’t Start, Random Crash

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Fix Tile – Find lost keys & phone – Tile, Inc. Won’t Start, Random Crashes, Errors

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Tile – Find lost keys & phone – Tile, Inc. Blackscreen Fixes

Tile, Inc. - Tile - Find lost keys & phone  artwork Tile – Find lost keys & phone
Tile, Inc.
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: May 14, 2014

Welcome to Tile, the world’s largest lost and found. Tile makes tiny Bluetooth trackers and a companion app that allow you to locate lost or misplaced items in seconds — like your phone, keys, and wallet. Compatible with Tile Mate, Tile Slim and Tile Original.

You can order Tiles at

*Ring your things.
Attach or stick Tile devices to anything you don’t want to lose and use the app to ring your stuff when you’re within Bluetooth range. With Tile Slim and Tile Mate you can pick from one of four unique ringtones.

*Ring your phone.
Can't find your phone? Press any one of your Tile devices to make your lost phone ring —even if it's on silent.

*See where you had it last.
Keep the app running in the background and it will automatically record the last time and place it saw your item on a map. So, if you left it somewhere, you know where to look first.

*Ask others to help.
Still can't find your Tiled item? Our “Notify When Found” feature puts every device running the Tile app on the lookout for your lost stuff. If anyone comes within Bluetooth range of your Tile, we'll let you know where it is. This feature is private, so no one knows you're looking for a lost item but you.

*Find your phone from any device.
Our app turns any phone or tablet into a virtual Tile. Simply download the app on all of your devices — and use the app on one of your devices to find another. Plus, you can use our voice calling feature to call another device from the app — even on silent — to help you get in touch with whoever may have picked up your lost phone. 

* The app utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with your Tiles. The maximum range is 100 ft.
* The app utilizes Location Services to record the last known location of your Tiles, based on your phone’s geo-location data.
* Continued use of GPS or Bluetooth running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
* Works with iPhone 4S and newer, iPad 3rd gen and newer, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th gen.

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