Troubleshooting Art of Conquest (AoC) – Lilith Games Blackscreen, Error, Won’t Start, Random Crash

In this article we’ll fix Art of Conquest (AoC) – Lilith Games random crashing, not starting, errors, and glitches. To troubleshoot Art of Conquest (AoC) – Lilith Games not working on PC, Android, or iOS, make sure to check all the links provided below.

Fixing Art of Conquest (AoC) – Lilith Games Crash, Error, Freeze

To see the troubleshooting guide, please click below:

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Art of Conquest (AoC) – Lilith Games Crash Fixes

Lilith Games - Art of Conquest (AoC)  artwork Art of Conquest (AoC)
Lilith Games
Genre: Games
Release Date: June 5, 2017

●●● Featured Globally by App Store●●●

◆ "This new strategy game gives you full control in a world full of dwarves, magic, and monsters. It’s the perfect marriage of MMO and strategy" – PocketGamer

◆ "Art of Conquest could very well be the mobile game fantasy and strategy fans have been waiting for " – App Spy

◆ "Players take full control of the battle. Art of Conquest is a breath of fresh air in the world of base-building strategy games"- 148Apps

◆ "The mobile RTS I never knew I wanted to play"- HaoGamers

◆ "A fascinating mix of many disparate genres all mixed into one title"- TouchArcade

◆ "A genre hybrid that blends RPG, RTS and MMO together to create something special" – DVS Gaming

◆"AoC reminds me of strategy games I played as a kid, but with much better gameplay and perfect for the mobile platform"- Kripparrian, Twitch & Youtube Content Creator

Explore a huge magical world!

Besiege enemy strongholds to expand your kingdom, slay nefarious dragons with a band of legendary heroes, and challenge players around the world to epic real-time battles!


● CHALLENGE your friends to thrilling real-time duels
● COMMAND hundreds of individual troops on a single – breathtaking field of battle
● SUMMON dozens of mythical heroes, each endowed with powerful abilities
● CHOOSE from five mighty races to raise your army
● BUILD your stronghold and besiege the enemy
● SIX embittered kingdoms strive to survive
● EXPLORE the beautiful, hand-crafted world of Nore
● DEFEAT evil bosses and loot unfathomable rewards
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