Troubleshooting Osmo Newton – Tangible Play Lags, Freezes, Crashes

In this article we’ll fix Osmo Newton – Tangible Play blackscreen, error, freezing, and lag. To repair Osmo Newton – Tangible Play not working on PC, Android, or iOS, make sure to check all the links provided below.

Fixing Osmo Newton – Tangible Play Crash, Error, Freeze

To see the troubleshooting guide, please click below:

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Osmo Newton – Tangible Play Lag Fixes

Tangible Play - Osmo Newton  artwork Osmo Newton
Tangible Play
Genre: Games
Release Date: May 30, 2014

Solve creative physics puzzles by drawing lines or placing items in front of the screen.

" that interact with just about any physical object—pen, paper, blocks, even toys your kids already own.
– The Wall Street Journal

"This interplay between the physical and digital realms looks and feels like magic." – Forbes

"Osmo has been a revolution in our family." – Wired

**Best Design** – Good Design, 2016
**Best Product Designs** – Fast Company Finalist, 2016
**Innovative Toy of the Year** – TOTY Finalist, 2015
**Best Inventions** – TIME, 2014

Works with any object or drawing – Mom’s keys, hand-drawn basket, even toys you already own. Simply place the object/drawing in front of the screen and manipulate it to guide the falling balls into the target zones.

*Requires the Osmo Base found at

About Osmo
Osmo is using the screen to create a new healthy, hands-on learning experience that promotes creativity, problem-solving and social interaction. We do this with our reflective artificial intelligent technology.

© © Tangible Play Inc

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